• Failure to comply with the Regulations and other provisions of the Direction implies the removal from the structure of the offender.
• In case of late arrival or early departure, the days reserved for booking will be charged.
• The loss of the assigned key entails a charge of € 50.00.
• The apartment must be kept clean and tidy, subject to a charge of € 50.00.
• In the apartments the change of linen is subject to payment.
• Apartments can be occupied from 14:00 on the day of arrival.
• The hotel rooms are available from 12:00 on the day of arrival and must be left before 10:30 on the day of departure.
• If you do not leave the room within this time, you will be charged 10 € for each additional stay.
• Rates are intended to be valid regardless of entry time.
• Guests of the facility will take care to avoid any form of waste (water - light).
• Breakfast is served in the Breakfast Room, located near the reception, or on the adjacent outside terraces.
• For hygienic and food safety purposes, it is forbidden for customers to bring food or drinks that are unauthorized by the hotel management to the room.
• The account must be requested and paid on the day before departure.
• The Management does not respond to the lack of objects and / or guest values. (Each guest is responsible for the care of the objects they own.)
• Confirmation deposit is expected to be 30% of the amount of the stay, half credit, credit card, bank c / c or other payment methods.
• Whoever causes damage to the structure, movable property, equipment, etc., is considered to be legally liable under the applicable laws.
• Intentional thefts and damages will be immediately denounced.
• At check-out staff will check rooms, and costs for replacement of any damage or loss of keys will be charged and payable at checkout.

Your collaboration will be crucial to all of us a more enjoyable stay, for our structure and the staff working there, and the external environment in which it is located.